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This and That

April 9th, 2021 at 11:14 pm

I sent in my Federal, State and County taxes as well as the estimates for Quarter 1. I also fully funded my SEP-IRA for last year. This has left my bank account almost completely empty. That money was never really mine to use - I just had it saved up and earmarked for these things. But, seeing about $50k disappear from my bank account is quite heartbreaking. This is one of weird psychological things about self-employment. This year, my estimated taxes will be much closer to the correct number, so I suppose next year I won't have to go through this illogical sadness for the loss of money that was never really mine.

The refinance process is going well. They anticipate closing around mid-May. The loan officer told me what my credit scores that they pulled were: 803, 813, 826. That's the first time that I have been aware of that all three of the scores were over 800. I felt warm and gooey about it. About 8 years ago, my credit score was in the 600s.

My phone started acting up - it arbitrarily depletes its battery only to be full again when I restart, or will crash and turn off at arbitrary times. The screen is a little bit cracked too from me dropping it several times. It's an iPhone 7. I went ahead and ordered a new one - this one an iPhone X.

I got quotes for installing a ductless mini-split with two zones in my home. In my area it's common to have ceiling heat panels. It boggles the mind why someone created this bizzare physics-defying method of heating. It doesn't get too hot where I am except for about a month or so at the height of summer, so many homes including mine also don't have A/C. This new ductless system will solve both problems for me. The quote was for $5650 including a rebate from my local utility board. And I'll also be able to claim a rebate of $300 on this year's taxes for installing it. The quote is quite reasonable for what it is, but coming at the heels of tax depletion, a new phone, and closing costs, this is another thing that makes me feel financially stretched this month. But, I am grateful when I remember how not that long ago, this would have pushed me deeper into debt and cause a sense of loss and despair.

Once the refinance and the heat pump are installed, my only remaining big financial goals for the year are to replenish my savings account, and to fully fund my 401(k). That's doable, I think.

NW: $287,189.40


November 18th, 2020 at 06:56 pm

The markets look beautiful this week, and I am excited for what my NW at the end of the month may look like. I hope I cross the $200k mark - I am very close.  

My accountant caught an error she made, and I probably will only be able to put another $10k into my retirement account for the year. I thought the $29k estimate she gave me was too high, and I was correct. Glad she caught it! $10k is still a good amount. She also said that based on her recalculations, she does not think there is any financial benefit to me making an S-election on my taxes next year. I'm somewhat disappointed because I thought it would save me some money, but I don't mind too much because I would have lost a lot of control over how I manage the money in my business account. I'll revisit this in a couple of years once I have a better estimate of how much I will make a year in self-employment. This year has been odd: part-time SE for the first quarter of the year, even after going to full time SE the pandemic means I am working slightly fewer hours than I might in person, pandemic also means that I am making money each week whereas I typically might take a few weeks of vacation/year. So, I guess I will wait.

My state is going to lockdowns again starting today. It's about high time, I think. It's really disheartening to see people going about interacting as though there isn't a deadly pandemic going on. Grocery stores will still be open, but I went and made my bi-weekly grocery store trip yesterday and stocked up on a few things. I think I shan't need to groery shop again until mid-December now.

I gave up on the exercise everyday goal - modified it to a three day cycle of HIIT/Cardio/Rest. That seems to be working better. Weight isn't budging at all. Sleep has been better.